What is Craftedlands?

Craftedlands is a simple server with friendly players that is community driven. We stick to the "vanilla feel" of what Minecraft was meant to be before all the modifications. Craftedlands was designed and built to deliver the true experience of vanilla minecraft providing an enjoyable experience for the players. Craftedlands uses only a few plugins that do not, we feel, take away from the vanilla feel while protecting the players from hackers and griefers.

What's that "vanilla" experience?

If you have been to those servers with insane addons that let you build nuclear power plants and even nukes, then you know what's NOT a vanilla experience. All those gawdy flashy plugins that lag the server and lag clients take away from real Minecraft experience that you know and love. Craftedlands brings that experience of vanilla to multiplayer for your enjoyment!
  • Normal Difficulty
  • Friendly Players
  • Helpful Moderators
  • Anti-Griefing Protection
  • Claim-Based Economy
  • Convenient Player Commands

Why Craftedlands?

We are not a whitelist server, those are tedious and often never moderated. Who wants to fill out an application to play Minecraft and wait to get approved? Craftedlands is technically a Bukkit server, but only with non-invasive plugins to protect the player, we do not get carried away like most vanilla Minecraft servers.